Green JF C-240 Double Row (75cm/90cm) Forage Harvester New Implement

R 337,900.00

High chopping precision resulting in uniform chop sizes
Row spacing 750 mm or 900 mm
2 Rotors
The highest productivity in its category
The highest variety of chop sizes in its category
Low power requirement
The best cost-benefit relationship in its category lower fuel consumption maintenance.
JF exclusive C shaped knives with double function chopping precision throwing power.
Capacity Up to 60 ton h
Cut sizes 24 sizes 2-36 mm
Number of rotors 2
Number of rows 2
Number of blades in each rotor 12
Distance between rows 720 mm or 900 mm
Number of rotor blades 24
Power source Tractor PTO
Number of gathering drums 8
Recommended PTO power 60 90 kW
Required PTO revolution 540 r.p.m
Weight 1350 kg
Transmission system Cardan gearbox

Course Code: 1-2344
Availability: In Stock

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