S512 New BPI 12 Row 0.76m Single Axle Rotary Harrow / 12 Ry 0.76m Enkelas Tandroleg (000A116A13)

R 142,230.00

The 116 three-piont mounted Rotary Harrow is utilised for harrowing
directrly on the row to crumble the soil crust.
A high operating speed of 12 km h is recommended to achieve optimal performance.
The single axle model should be used in lighter soil tipes and the tandem
model in heavier soils.
Proven spoon-shaped tines ensure effective performance.
Sections are adjustable on the beam to suit diffrent row widths.
By reversing the circle plate a rolling effect is achieved which will lessen
possible damage to recently germinated plants.
Optional Equipment
Loose sections for single axle model
Loose sections for tandem model

Course Code: 1-512
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