S453 New BPI 633 4 Row Maize Planter With Markers / 633 4 Ry Mielie Planter With Markers (000A633P02)

R 209,650.00

Specifications - Mounted
Serial 000A633P02
Models 4 row x 0 9 m
Beamlenght 4 2 m
Markers mechanical
Landwheels 11 0 x 15
Tyre pressure 200 kpa
Seed hopper capacity maize 27 kg
Fertilizer bin Mass Capacity 120 kg
Operating speed maize - 8 km h

A lightweight single main beam with fully adjustable row widths.
The positive driver system though a central shaft and two easily adjustable
gearboxes ensure accurate seed spacing and fertiliser application.
With a choice of seedplates and press wheels the efficiency of the planters is
futher improved.
Hydraulic marker
Course Code: 1-453
Availability: In Stock

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