S181 New BPI 5 Furrow Heavy Duty Reset Plough Ext (000A046A02)

R 179,600.00

Serial 000A046A02
Furrows 5
Cutting Width 450 - 600
Working Depth 250
Working Depth chisels 350
kW required 75 - 110
Hitch II III
Gauge Wheel Std
The 046 reset mouldboard plough is a heavy duty adjustable beam
plough with full hydraulic trip and reset functions.
It is available in three furrow or five furrow version as in furrow type
and six furrow or eight furrow versions as on land type.
Four and seven furrow ploughs are possible through one furrow extention.
Each plough is adjustable to 450 mm
530 mm or 600 mm cutting width per share.
Each individual bottom as well as the headstock is adjustable to suit the diffrent settings.
In addition to the hydraulic reset protection a shear bolt is fitted on
each bottom for extra protection.
Chisel standards and pionts are available as an optional extra.

Course Code: 1-181
Availability: In Stock

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